Flint Hills Resources' Texas refineries receive crude oil and other raw materials via the Corpus Christi Ship Channel and pipelines. With a combined processing capacity of about 300,000 barrels of crude oil per day, the refineries produce a variety of petroleum products important to everyday life.

Refined products - including low-sulfur gasoline and diesel, and jet fuel - are transported to San Antonio, Bastrop, Austin, Waco and Dallas/Fort Worth area via company pipelines. Since 1981, the company has spent about $3.5 billion on refinery modifications, some of which have resulted in improved environmental performance and low-sulfur fuels productions.

In late 2014, Flint Hills Resources began the construction phase of a project that will enable its Corpus Christi West refinery to process more domestic crude into transportation fuels. This project, named Project Eagle Ford, is expected to cost around $600 million, require around 2,000 contractors and be completed in 36 months.

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Groundbreaking for what is now Flint Hills Resources' West refinery was in November 1952. The original refinery located on Suntide Road was to be a joint venture between Sunray and Tidewater, hence the name Suntide. However, before plans could be finalized, both parties withdrew. Floyd Martin, executive vice president of Sunray Mid-Continent, left the company, secured financing and started Suntide Refining. The refinery later became a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunray DX Oil Company and, in 1968, became a subsidiary of Sun Oil Company. On Nov. 13, 1981, Koch Industries acquired Sun's Corpus Christi Refinery, which was renamed Koch Refining Company. This refinery included a petrochemicals production operation that marked the company’s initial interests in this business area. One year later, the adjacent Gulf States Refinery was purchased and combined with the existing refining facility.





Continuing its commitment to increase processing capacity and upgrade facilities, the construction of a major refined products pipeline from Corpus Christi to Dallas/Fort Worth began in 1987 and was completed 1988. Pipeline terminals associated with this project were also constructed in San Antonio, Austin, Waco and Dallas/Fort Worth. Flint Hills Resources continues to be a major supplier of fuels to those markets because of this pipeline investment. In 1994, the $250 million mid-plant refinery was completed with a capacity to process 150,000 barrels of crude oil per day. In 1995, Koch acquired Kerr McGee Corporation's Southwestern Refinery located on Nueces Bay Blvd. This facility today is Flint Hills Resources' East refinery and the Suntide facility is the West refinery.