The Canadian crude oil supply group of Flint Hills Resources Canada, LP combines a substantial physical market presence, advanced risk management expertise and superior financial strength to create value for its customers.

The group supplies Flint Hills Resources' Pine Bend Refinery near St. Paul, Minn. Pine Bend is capable of refining about 339,000 barrels per day of predominantly Canadian crude oil.

To meet the needs of its Canadian crude oil customers, the Supply Group operates a fully integrated marketing and customer service desk at its Calgary headquarters. Flint Hills Resources also operates a crude oil terminal in Hardisty, Alberta. The group combines a substantial physical market presence with superior financial strength to create value for its customers in Canada.

The group provides:

    • Physical and financial marketing capability related to a large selection of Canada’s crude oil streams;
    • Affiliation with a trading network that extends into global energy markets;
    • Flexible contract terms;
    • Broad pricing alternatives;
    • Market-leading internal risk controls to manage internal portfolio risk and provide performance security to customers and counterparties; and
    • Customer-responsive credit, legal and accounting support.

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