Flint Hills Resources' commitment to adding value to the communities in which its employees live includes financial support for many programs that help educate and enrich children, preserve natural resources, or offer a hand to those in need. Many of these programs also benefit from direct involvement by the company's employees who contribute time and talent for service projects.

Part of that commitment focuses on promoting safety and health issues in these communities, listening to neighbors on EH&S issues, and working to provide valuable information about environmental and safety initiatives.

Flint Hills Resources believes that part of being a responsible community and environmental steward is to actively participate in the education of tomorrow’s leaders. With funds and employee volunteers, Flint Hills Resources supports diverse education programs that emphasize personal responsibility, entrepreneurship, science education and environmental stewardship in local communities.

Flint Hills Resources strives to work with communities, neighbors and regulators to provide a safe and clean environment, while continuing to earn awards and meet important safety and environmental protection goals. Leadership in these areas is essential to the long-term business success. As a result, performance and communications efforts are aligned with the rising expectations of communities, customers and regulators.

With a focus on the environment, education and programs that enhance the
quality of life for its employees and neighbors, Flint Hills Resources contributes time, talent and dollars to organizations that seek to help others help themselves.

  • education programs that focus on math and science, as well as mentoring programs that promote learning and achievement;
  • scholarships that help students pursue a college education
  • environmental stewardship projects that apply innovative solutions to solve local environmental challenges and enhance our communities; and
  • human services programs that promote self-sufficiency, individual responsibility and achievement, and respect for others.

For those interested in submitting projects to be considered for funding, please click here.