Chemicals & Polymers

Flint Hills Resources has built a global chemical manufacturing and marketing capability through acquisitions and expansions of existing facilities. The company has the capacity to produce about 9.5 billion pounds of building-block chemicals annually.

The company’s initial entry into the chemical industry came as part of the 1981 acquisition of a crude oil refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas. From that point, the company developed its manufacturing and marketing experience, which has created a key capability on which the company – as well as other companies within the Koch Industries, Inc. organization – has grown.

In 2004, the company acquired a chemical intermediates plant near Joliet, Illinois, as well as an agreement to acquire the production of a similar plant at Geel, Belgium. Flint Hills Resources added to its production capacity and marketing reach through an acquisition of olefins and polymers assets in Illinois and Texas in 2007.

Flint Hills Resources acquired PetroLogistics LP in July 2014, and will operate its propylene facility, which is located in Houston, as part of its chemical and refining business. The plant is the only propane dehydrogenation facility in the U.S., and produces propylene used in a variety of end uses including paints, building materials and packaging. 

Worldwide, the aromatics, intermediates, olefins and polymers produced by Flint Hills Resources are the raw materials used to manufacture items such as soda bottles, DVDs, nylon fibers, tires, carpets, detergents, cosmetics, packaging materials, building materials, paints and plastic toys.

The chemicals produced by Flint Hills Resources are marketed to customers from offices in Kansas, Illinois, Texas, Switzerland and Hong Kong, and distributed throughout North America, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Joliet, Ill.
Maleic anhydride, trimellitic anhydride and purified isophthalic acid

Peru, Ill.
Expandable polystyrene

Corpus Christi, Texas
Aromatics (paraxylene, orthoxylene, mixed xylene, benzene, cumene, toluene and pseudocumene, among others)

Houston, Texas

Longview, Texas

Port Arthur, Texas
Cyclohexane, ethylene and propylene
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Sales and Marketing
Wichita, Kan.
The Woodlands, Texas
Hong Kong