Take a look around and you’ll see lots of products we didn’t make, but made possible. Our chemicals, polymers and fuels help achieve new standards of performance in everyday items.

Products You Use


It takes a lot of effort to keep food and beverages fresh on their long journey to your table. Our materials for dependable packaging help reduce spoiling and waste.



Refining is typically associated with oil and gas. While we make a large supply of fuel for gas stations and airports, our involvement in the transit industry goes much further. Products from Flint Hills Resources are used to pave highways, as well as manufacture seatbelts, tires and other automotive parts.



Health and safety is more than an operational commitment at our sites. We look for opportunities to enhance innovations that provide better protection for everyone. In the medical field, our ingredients are used to make intravenous bags, dental fillings and toothbrushes. These materials are also found in safety helmets, athletic shoes and eyewear.



Manufacturers of construction products use our materials to make insulation that frames the outer walls of houses, for energy-efficient heating and cooling. We also create the plastics that shape toy building blocks and children’s imaginations. From durable coating on electrical wiring, to the screens for televisions and mobile electronics, our refined resources are hard at work to help you relax.