At Flint Hills Resources, sustainability and stewardship are part of our commitment to doing what is right. It means we help provide products people need and use every day, products that help make modern life possible and improve people’s lives. And we do this responsibly by prioritizing safety and environmental stewardship and contributing meaningfully to our communities. 

We also never cease to innovate as we constantly seek new and more efficient ways to produce and deliver the fuels and other products people depend on, while consuming fewer resources, minimizing waste and improving the performance of our products and production processes. From our investments in bioplastic and battery technology companies, we also embrace disruptive technologies and their potential to fundamentally change the world.


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Environmental Stewardship

From our daily operations to the selection, design, and execution of projects, we constantly strive to use fewer resources, eliminate waste and minimize the emissions associated with the products we make. We also expect our sites to operate in full compliance with all environmental rules and regulations at all times. And we expect them to never cease improving their environmental performance. 

Health and Safety

There is nothing more important than the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and the people who live or work near our facilities. This safety commitment encompasses everything from the smallest daily task to complex process controls. A strict adherence to safe work practices and the use of proper personal protective equipment is a base expectation at our operating sites. Technologies such as advanced automation, remote sensor monitoring, machine learning and virtual reality training simulators are also helping make our facilities safer. 


Marketplace competition drives innovation and leads to new discoveries and new ways to improve people’s lives. We seek to improve every facet of our operations by incorporating new technologies that improve our performance. We expect our people to embrace transformation, constantly reimagine how our businesses can contribute to society, and continue producing products people value more than their alternatives, while using fewer resources and minimizing impacts to the environment.

People and Communities

Flint Hills Resources always tries to make a positive difference in the communities we call home. Our employees routinely give back to their communities through volunteerism, and the company contributes time, talent, and dollars to a variety of organizations focused on environmental stewardship, education, equity and public safety. We also listen to our communities. We establish continuous feedback loops to make sure we are meeting expectations and we routinely consult with community stakeholders prior to pursuing significant projects. 

Stewardship at Koch Industries

For more information about Flint Hills Resources and our parent company’s approach to environmental, social and governance stewardship, please visit KOCHind.​com.​