Building on 60 years of refining and manufacturing experience, we are an industry leader at reducing air emissions. But that is just part of the story. At every turn, we are pursuing new ways to increase safety and eliminate waste.

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Fuels & Aromatics


Gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, and materials for manufacturing carpet, tires and more.

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Ethylene, propylene and polymers for uses such as automotive parts and medical devices.

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BiofuEls & Ingredients


Ethanol, biodiesel, inedible corn oil, and distillers grains.


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Network of pipes for crude oil and refined fuels transportation.


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Approach to Innovation

We apply a Market-Based Management® business philosophy. Team members strive to think like entrepreneurs and challenge the status quo to get the greatest potential from each molecule when processing precious natural materials. This includes making more ethanol from each kernel of corn, turning byproducts into valued goods, and investing generously in domestic sources for fuel and ingredient products. 

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Based in Wichita, Kansas, Flint Hills Resources is an independent company and wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc., one of the largest private companies in America. According to Forbes magazine, the estimated annual revenues of Koch Industries, Inc. are as high as $100 billion. The company traditionally reinvests 90 percent of earnings back into its businesses ranging from transportation fuels, fertilizers, process and pollution control equipment and technologies, minerals, energy, ranching and more.


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