We purchase over 240 million bushels of corn each year for processing at our network of ethanol plants. This adds up to more than just a transaction. It’s the basis for creating valuable products, jobs and stronger communities to help power our nation. 

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Mailing Address

1214 Road G, Fairmont, Nebraska 68354

Merchandising Office



Receiving Hours:


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Fairmont Office: 
NOTICE: FHR-Fairmont office will be closed to all visitors.  You can still reach the commercial team by phone at 402-268-7979. Open M-F from 7-5 for corn receiving.  
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! 

Effective Jan 1, 2020 ticket changes after day of delivery will be charged $.01/bushel.  Please ensure your ticket is correct before leaving the scale. Thank you!

To reach the Corn Commercial Team, please call: 402-268-7979.
Scalehouse for corn issues: 402-268-7940

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Dry Distiller Grains Loading Hours
Please call your dispatcher or FHR scheduler for current loading hours.
Trucks must be checked in by closing time to be loaded yet that day. 


September 3.39 -0.25 3.6350 Z20 -0.0125
October 3.34 -0.30 3.6350 Z20 -0.0125
November 3.39 -0.25 3.6350 Z20 -0.0125
December 3.51 -0.13 3.6350 Z20 -0.0125
January 3.58 -0.15 3.7300 H21 -0.0100
February 3.60 -0.13 3.7300 H21 -0.0100
March 3.63 -0.10 3.7300 H21 -0.0100
April 3.54 -0.25 3.7850 K21 -0.0100
May 3.54 -0.25 3.7850 K21 -0.0100
June 3.53 -0.30 3.8275 N21 -0.0125
July 3.53 -0.30 3.8275 N21 -0.0125
August 3.48 -0.30 3.7775 U21 -0.0050
September 3.48 -0.30 3.7775 U21 -0.0050
October 3.53 -0.30 3.8275 Z21 -0.0025
November 3.53 -0.30 3.8275 Z21 -0.0025
December 3.53 -0.30 3.8275 Z21 -0.0025
January 3.60 -0.30 3.9025 H22 -0.0025
February 3.60 -0.30 3.9025 H22 -0.0025
March 3.60 -0.30 3.9025 H22 -0.0025
April 3.64 -0.30 3.9400 K22 0.0
May 3.64 -0.30 3.9400 K22 0.0

Price as of 9/30/2020 12:36:52 AM CST. Refresh for current price. All future prices are delayed at least 10 minutes.

We are closely monitoring developments concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.  Like other companies, we continue to adjust to rapidly changing circumstances in order to help protect our employees and minimize disruptions to our business and supply chains.
Our top priorities continue to be the health and safety of our employees, the ongoing safe operation of our facilities and the continuity of business with our customers and suppliers.  As a result, Flint Hills Resources (FHR) is implementing new safety procedures.
We ask that you NOT enter our site if:

  • You have had contact with someone who is sick or has been exposed to COVID-19; or
  • You have flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath.
Our new safety procedures for customers are designed to limit movement at our sites.
  • We are closing our B&I business office buildings to non-employees.  As always, commercial staff are available by phone.  We encourage our customers to use the online FHR portal and app.
  • Drivers are asked to stay in their trucks as much as possible, leaving their cabs only during check-in/out, weighing in/out and opening and closing traps and tarps.
  • Contact with FHR employees and other drivers should be on an as-needed basis as required for loading/unloading.  As always, drivers are to remain in their designated bay during loading.
  • Only use designated restrooms.
To keep our employees safe, we are undertaking the following actions:
  • We have restricted all non-essential travel and are prohibiting travel to regions of the world that are considered high risk. 
  • We have upgraded our janitorial and cleaning services at all our production facilities and office buildings. 
  • All employees who have the option are being encouraged to work from home whenever possible. 
  • We are using sound social distancing practices and technology to limit the size of in-person meetings.  We’ve also cancelled or postponed all large events.

We value your business and we thank you for your partnership as we work together to adjust to this unprecedented challenge.  With your help we will continue to meet the needs of people all over the world who rely on the products we produce together.
Flint Hills Resources will continue to keep you updated on any developments concerning our business and operations.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Max Cornelison
Commercial Manager
(641) 524-5613
Cell:  (515) 344-5097

Sam Wiedel
Cell:  (402) 705-7017

Lynn Jasnoch
Merchant Assistant

Looking for a totally flexible, customizable, low-maintenace way to diversify your marketing strategy for 2020 crop without having to lock in basis? Try our averaging price contract! Links below contain more information about the averaging contract and historical futures levels:
Fairmont Averaging Contract Information
Custom Averaging Contract Information
Historcal December Futures Average
Historical December Futures Chart

2019 Harvest Updates

Corn Moisture Policy --- Shrink Only for 2019, accepting up to 18% moisture.

Hours of corn receiving will be posted at scale house or call our commercial line at 402-268-7979.  Corn receiving will be closed 6/11 & 6/12.

All contract overrun and spot delivered bushels will be priced out by 7 am the following day, using the previous day closing price.

Please check your outbound scale ticket prior to leaving property and report any corrections to scale house immediately.

Please notify us on deferrals and new splits prior to delivery.

FHR will NOT accept deliveries of treated seed.

Safety Rules and Regulations

FHR strictly prohibits climbing on trailers on our property.  

Speed limit is 10 MPH on property at all times.



Over 18.0% - Subject to Rejection
Moisture Shrink down to 15.0%.  All loads over 15.0% will have moisture shrink applied at 1.5% for each 1.0% over 15.0% calculated to the nearest tenth.

Test Weight

TW > 54.0 = zero discount

53.0-53.9 = $.01 discount

52.0-52.9 = $.02 discount

51.0-51.9 = $.03 discount

50.0-50.9 = $.06 discount
TW< 50.0 is subject to rejection
Test weight is settled on a load by load


Over 10.0% - Subject to rejection
2 cents per point 5.1% to 10% Damage Discount is settled on a load by load

Broken Corn and Foreign Material

Over 8.0% - Subject to rejection
Discount 2 cents per point 3.1% - 8%


Sour - 10 cent discount

Musty - 10 cent discount

Weevils - 10 cent discount

Infested - Max 5%, over 5% subject to rejection
Mud balls or muddy corn from ground piles - All subject to rejection
Aflatoxin - Max 20ppb
Vomitoxin - Max 5ppm


Printable Discount Schedule.pdf

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