We purchase over 240 million bushels of corn each year for processing at our network of ethanol plants. This adds up to more than just a transaction. It’s the basis for creating valuable products, jobs and stronger communities to help power our nation. 

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Mailing Address

3363 Talon Ave Menlo, Iowa 50164

Merchandising Office


Scale Office


Fax Number



Receiving Hours:

Mon - Fri 7 am - 5 pm
Week of April 12th
Mon - Wed 7 am - 5 pm Farmer only
Thu - Fri CLOSED

Merchandising Office Hours
Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm 

Bushel App (phone)
Bushel App (computer)

Link on how to login to our app!

*Please respect site speed limits. 

DDGS Loading Hours 
Everyday: 6 am - 6 pm
Loading in flat Friday afternoon 

April 5.82 0.05 5.7725 K21 -0.0250
May 5.82 0.05 5.7725 K21 -0.0250
June 5.83 0.20 5.6275 N21 0.0075
July 5.83 0.20 5.6275 N21 0.0075
August 5.11 0.0 5.1075 U21 0.0075
September 4.96 -0.15 5.1075 U21 0.0075
Oct/Nov 4.72 -0.25 4.9650 Z21 0.0175
December 4.79 -0.18 4.9650 Z21 0.0175
January 4.84 -0.20 5.0350 H22 0.0200
February 4.84 -0.20 5.0350 H22 0.0200
March 4.84 -0.20 5.0350 H22 0.0200
April 4.88 -0.20 5.0800 K22 0.0250
May 4.88 -0.20 5.0800 K22 0.0250
June 4.90 -0.20 5.0975 N22 0.0250
July 4.90 -0.20 5.0975 N22 0.0250
August 4.49 -0.25 4.7425 U22 0.0325
September 4.49 -0.25 4.7425 U22 0.0325
Oct/Nov 4.32 -0.30 4.6150 Z22 0.0325
December 4.37 -0.25 4.6150 Z22 0.0325
January 4.44 -0.25 4.6875 H23 0.0375
February 4.44 -0.25 4.6875 H23 0.0375

Price as of 4/10/2021 9:08:16 PM CST. Refresh for current price. All future prices are delayed at least 10 minutes.

As part of safety procedures, the Menlo office will be closed to all visitors.  Corn receiving will remain open.
FHR Customer Notice COVID-19

We are testing for vomitoxin; high levels subject to rejection.

Max Cornelison
Commercial Manager
(641) 524-5613 Cell: (515) 344-5097
Sarah Jungman
(641) 524-5644 Cell: (515) 491-5753

Rachel Connor
(641) 524-5614 Cell: (515) 423-4006

Tyler Swenson
(641) 524-5612

Angie Prochaska
Merchant Assistant
(641) 524-5631

Averaging Price Contract
Looking for a totally flexible, customizable, low-maintenace way to diversify your marketing strategy for 2020 crop without having to lock in basis? Try our averaging price contract! Links below contain more information about the averaging contract and historical futures levels:
Menlo Averaging Contract Information
Historical December Futures Chart
Historical December Futures Average

Download our App today by searching "Flint Hills Bushel" in the App Store on your phone! (Favorite Menlo to receive our notifications.)

FHR Portal is here!
If you'd like to access your account from the comfort of your home or on your phone anywhere give us a call to learn how.
You can see your contracts, scale tickets, settlements and more through the portal.


Our Scale Tech will need accurate information concerning owner’s name(s); including split. Be sure to check scale ticket for accuracy before leaving.  Changes will not be made to a scale ticket’s ownership after close of business the day of delivery. All grain delivered will be applied to an existing contract or priced at the closing bid on the day of delivery, unless prior arrangements have been made.

7:00AM – 5:00PM Monday – Friday
During harvest our corn receiving hours will be extended on weekdays and weekends as space allows.
*Hours are subject to change.
Corn receiving hours can also be found on our website or by calling (641) 524-5612.


  1. Each truck will be given an RF badge which will hang from the passenger visor with a provided alligator clip.  These tags have a 15’ range so drivers will never need to remove them from the visor.

  2. The badge is only tied to the truck because as we all know trucks can haul for multiple customers

  3. While at the probe station, drivers will be required to answer our FDA Compliance question regarding prior load on the SmartTouch screen.

  4. When truck pulls up to probe station the driver will view the following information on the message board:

    1. Truck ID: 

    2. Farm account:  Farm account name displayed will be the last account this truck hauled for.  If different, driver will call probe operator over intercom and it will be updated accordingly and displayed for driver to confirm.

  5. Other information such as split percentages will also be displayed at the probe.

  6. Once probing has completed, truck will be told on message board to “Proceed to scale”

  7. Truck will be automatically identified on inbound scale and weighed in automatically.  Once weight is taken driver will be told to proceed to dump pit and given a green light.

  8. After dumping truck will drive to outbound scale and once again will be identified by RF badge automatically.

  9. Outbound weight will be taken and ticket will print automatically from outdoor printer.  There will be a “re-print” button on the printer which will allow drivers to obtain multiple copies as needed.

A credit sale contract (basis, price later, & deferred payments) will be issued for which the seller is required to sign, date, and return to Flint Hills Resources within 30 days from first delivery date (Iowa Code § 203.1(3)).  If any credit sale contract remains unsigned, on the 30th day from the 1st day of delivery, state law requires Flint Hills Resources to price the grain and issue a check. There are no exceptions and no reversals.

Checks and settlements are mailed from our accounting office in Wichita. (We do not print checks at the Menlo plant.)
Want to receive your payment faster?  Sign up for
Direct Deposit.
Settlement for spot loads are made the day after delivery and checks are mailed the following day.
Partially filled contracts are settled every Tuesday and checks are mailed on Wednesday.
Contracts are settled when full and a check is mailed the following day.

If you prefer a deferred payment option, please call us prior to delivery.
*All grain policies are subject to change at any time without notice.


If you have interest in purchasing dry or modified distillers from Menlo, please call (641) 524-5631 and speak with Angie.  All customers must have an account setup prior to purchase/pickup of product.  
To set up an account to purchase dry or modified distillers click the following link then click on New Customer Application on the right side of the screen.
Effective Jan 1, 2020 ticket changes after day of delivery will be charged $.01/bushel.  Please ensure your ticket is correct before leaving the scale. Thank you!

Farmers - Greater than 20% subject to rejection (effective thru Mar 31, 2020)
Effective Apr 1, 2020 Greater than 19% subject to rejection.
Elevators - Max of 17% 
All Moisture Shrink to 15.0%.
All loads over 15.0% will have moisture shrink applied at 1.5% for each 1% over 15.0% (1.18% moisture shrink and 0.32% handling loss)

Test Weight
Under 48 lbs - Subject to rejection
1¢ discount each lb below 54 lbs to 51 lbs
3¢ discount each lb below 51 lbs to 48 lbs

Over 10% - Subject to rejection
Discount 1¢ per point 5.1% to 10%

Foreign Material
Over 7% - Subject to rejection
2¢ per point 3.1% - 5.0%
3¢ per point 5.1% - 7.0%

Sour - 10¢ discount
Musty - 10¢ discount
Weevils - 10¢ discount
All subject to rejection

*All discounts are settled on a load by load basis
*All discounts subject to change without notice
Updated 4/25/2019

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