Aromatic Products & End Uses

Core Aromatics

Feedstock for cumene and ethylbenzene/styrene. Derivatives are used in manufacturing monomers for tires, nylon for carpet and apparel, polystyrene packaging, and hard plastics for a wide variety of durable and non-durable consumer applications.

Solvent and gasoline octane enhancer. Derivatives are used in production of polyurethane foams for furniture, insulation, jogging shoes, etc. Toluene is also a feedstock for benzene and xylene production.

Feedstock for orthoxylene, paraxylene, and metaxylene (see below)


Feedstock for phenol which is used in the manufacture of polycarbonates, epoxy resins, phenolic resins, and caprolactam. End use includes CDs/DVDs, housings for appliances and small power tools, signage, automotive parts, and phenolic resins for plywood.

Feedstock for isophthalic acid which is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of polyesters for coatings, inks, reinforced plastics, and packaging applications.

Feedstock for phthalic anhydride which is used as a plasticizer in PVC pipes, coatings, and cables.

Feedstock for terephthalic acid (PTA) which is used in the production of polyester. End uses include plastic (PET) soft drink bottles, fibers for tires, clothing, carpeting, and film for video and audiotape.

Aromatics Solvents

Feedstock for pseudocumene and specialty solvents (see below).

Feedstock for trimellitic anhydride which is used as a plasticizer additive in molded PVC to provide flexibility and softness.

Specialty solvents for resins, adhesives, and coatings.