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Expandable Polystyrene The expandable polystyrene resins produced by Flint Hills Resources are in the form of very small beads with sizes ranging in diameters between 400 microns (0.400 mm) and 1600 microns (1.600 mm). The beads contain a blowing agent (pentane) in levels between 3 and 7 percent which allows customers to expand the resins and then mold various forms of insulation or packaging parts as low as 1.00 pound per cubic foot, depending upon product grade and processing equipment.

Expandable polystyrene resins are typically molded into products destined for the building and construction or packaging industries.

Typical end-use applications might include insulation for roofing and wall systems or protective packaging for electronics, consumer goods, insulated concrete forms and structural insulated panels. Molded EPS is also used to make packaging products that allow the shipment of perishables such as steaks, seafood and produce, as well as items for everyday use such as picnic coolers and ice chests.


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