Making products that help people improve their lives starts with the safety of our employees, neighbors and environment. We recognize and respect the risks of our industries, the lessons we have learned, and the endless opportunities for improvement. State and federal agencies have granted the highest recognition for worksite safety to 13 of our sites, the Voluntary Protection Programs STAR certification.

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Safeguarding the Environment

Beyond reducing emissions, Flint Hills Resources works to eliminate waste. Our philosophy is to make the best possible use of natural resources, leaving more available to meet other needs. We believe that industrial companies have a duty to respect nature. Our company partners with groups such as Great River Greening and Friends of the Mississippi River to help restore and maintain wildlife habitats. Some of our sites in Illinois, Minnesota and Texas have earned official certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council. The Environmental Protection Agency has named Koch Industries the number one U.S.-based parent company in pollution prevention initiatives for multiple years.

Enhancing Safety

There are two kinds of protection at Flint Hills Resources. Personal safety – wearing the right gear, training each team member, and taking a “stop, think and ask” approach to any situation. The other is process safety – preventing the release of hazardous chemicals or materials, “keeping it in the pipes.” We place a high value on maintaining equipment, making proactive upgrades and constantly evaluating our systems. Both forms of safety are essential for operating responsibly. In each of the past five years, the National Safety Council has presented the Perfect Record Award to more than 25 of our facilities.

Investing in Communities

Flint Hills Resources provides more than jobs and economic support at each of our locations. Our team members volunteer in mentoring programs and public service opportunities that help others make their own contributions to society. We connect children and adults with educational training and scholarships to support their development. With a $1 million commitment for a new science, technology, engineering and math center in Texas, we are making information on STEM-related subjects more accessible to students and teachers across the United States. As a corporate citizen, we are committed to doing our part for a better future.